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Sunday, November 06, 2005

A Journalistic Bias On The Left

Yet another columnist laments the left wing bias in the media. The Monitor's Matthew Towery argues:
By looking through an elite pair of myopically focused glasses, these media movers deceive themselves that everything revolves around their own business and social circles in New York City and Washington, D.C.

Citing two of Bernard Goldberg's books, "Bias" and "Arrogance: Rescuing America from the Media Elite", Towery's suggests
moving some of the major national news broadcasts to new locations outside New York. How about the evening news from Topeka, Kan.; Dallas; or Jacksonville, Fla.? According to Goldberg, that would force talking-head superstars to interact with mainstream Americans. And why not the same prescription for Hollywood and Wall Street kingpins?

So many of these half-baked theories about media bias miss what strikes me as an obvious point. Maybe it's not so much that journalists have a liberal bias as it is liberals have a propensity for journalism. Journalism is the profession of whistle-blowers, a medium for challenging authority and advocating change. It's the kind of thing liberals drool over. The problem isn't that media outlets are based in New York instead of Topeka. It's that North Eastern Liberal types are the ones who want to be journalists. I think the same is true for liberal biases in Hollywood and sociology departments.

Think of it this way. Would anybody be surprised if I told you there's a conservative bias in the military, a libertarian bias on Wall Street, and a socialist bias among factory workers?