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Friday, October 21, 2005

Gallagher On Gay Marriage

Maggie Gallagher has been guest-posting on The Volokh Conspiracy this past week. None of her arguments are particular suprising or enlightening. And I don't think they would convince any gay-marriage-supporter. That said, Gallagher is one of the more articulate conservatives againat gay marriage and her posts are a good place to start if you're interested in the debate. Her basic argument is, I think, best summed up by Orin Kerr:
...extending marriage to include same-sex couples would not just give rights to a small subset of the population, but would radically transform what marriage is. So long as only opposite-sex couples can marry... marriage is linked to procreation; if same-sex couples can marry, too, then marriage is transformed into something else entirely. Adding same-sex marriage would ruin the old institution and create a new one, and the new institution would not longer retain a focus on having and raising children. Viewed in that light, same sex marriage is a threat to society: by redefining the institution, it will kill off its most important feature.

I'm with many of the commentators on her posts that the argument isn't persuasive but read through it and decide for yourself.