Sago Boulevard

Monday, October 31, 2005

Bush Nominates Alito reports:
WASHINGTON (CNN) -- President Bush said Monday he has nominated 3rd Circuit Appeals Court Judge Samuel Alito for the U.S. Supreme Court to replace retiring Justice Sandra Day O'Connor.
Alito, a former U.S. attorney who has been a judge for 15 years, is considered a favorite of the conservative movement and is Bush's third pick for O'Connor's seat.

It looks like this nominee will bring the political battle many conservatives have been hoping for. Harry Reid doesn't appear to be too happy about it:
[T]he choice of Alito "would create a lot of problems."

"That is not one of the names that I've suggested to the president," he said. "In fact, I've done the opposite."

I'll post my thoughts on Alito after I have a chance to do some reading. In the meantime, The Volokh Conspiracy already has some interested commentary.