Sago Boulevard

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

"Sick Minds Use Katrina to Justify Hatred"

But as Leonard Pitts writes, "Does it really matter?" Of course it's important to look back at the events leading up to and immediately following the hurricane. It's important to figure out what could have been prevented and what mistakes were made. And it's important not to overlook that fact that many of those hit hardest by Katrina were black and poor. But can't all this wait until everyone at least has something to eat and drink?
The city is flooded, people are homeless and hungry and scared and dead. Shouldn't this be a time for giving money and saying prayers? Should we really care about the color of the people looting in the hurricane zone? Or that Louisiana is a red state? Or that some of the dead are gay?
Death toll rising like floodwaters, probably heading into the thousands, corpses floating down the street, and some liberal twit is joking--God, I hope he was joking--that the blue states should let the red one suffer? People clinging to rooftops, a great city turned into a steaming, stinking primordial swamp, and some alleged Christians think it's a victory for heterosexuality?

How can you be concerned about the skin color or the bank accout or the sexual preference of anybody when thounsands are already dead and the death toll is rising rapidly. A police officer commited suicide, apparently after losing hope of ever restoring order in New Orleans. E. Coli bateria has just been detected in the floodwater. How about we talk about race, homosexuality, and politics another time.