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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

"A Painful Absence of Balance"

I posted last week on the proposal in England "to scrap the Jewish Holocaust Memorial Day because it is regarded as offensive to Muslims." What could possibly be offensive about such a memorial, you ask? Alan Dershowitz explains:
The double bigotry reflected in this proposal should be evident to all people of good will. First, I can understand why commemoration of the Holocaust should be offensive to those Muslims and others who supported Nazi victory over Britain and Nazi genocide against the Jews and others.

And there were many such Muslims, led by the leader then of the Palestinian people Haj Amin al-Husseini, who urged Hitler to extend the final solution beyond Europe’s borders to Jewish refugees who had reached Palestine.

But wait - anti-Zionism doesn't equal antisemitism, does it? It does in this case, when Israeli injustices are taken way out of proportion to the point of being compared to Nazism. Despite the many Palestinian civilians killed in the Intifada, the number is pale in comparison to the number of Palestinians and Arabs killed by Jordan, Syria, Iraq and Iran during the same period. So when Israel is singled out as a perpetrator of genocide, I'm pretty sure antisemitism is lurking somewhere in the background. It's as simple as this:

The Israeli occupation is not a genocide, and those who would conflate the two are more interested in demonising the Jewish state than in achieving Palestinian statehood and a just peace, based on compromise, between the two nations.

(via Shragie)