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Monday, September 12, 2005

Anybody Else Feeling Less Optimistic About the Gaza Pull-out?

Some Palestinians have learned an important lesson from the Gaza pull-out.
The lesson I've learned, and I will pass it on to my sons, is that no matter how long it takes, the occupiers will leave because of resistance.

Translation: If we keep blowing up buses in major Israeli cities and kill lots of innocent people, we'll get what we want. Sounds a bit like a kid having a temper tantrum, but with bombs.

Other Palestinians are more tempered with their enthusiasm:
He was happy today, Mr. Kurd said, but his happiness was also tempered "because of the continuing occupation of Jenin and Nablus and Jerusalem, which are also part of Palestine," he said. And until Israel resolved the question of how to allow Palestinians and their goods to enter and exit freely from Gaza, to Egypt and to the West Bank, he said, "Israel remains an occupier," a position supported by the Palestinian Authority.

"If there is no freedom of movement, don't consider the Palestinians free," Mr. Kurdi said. "We will not accept Gaza as a big prison."

So Israel now has to open its borders to an openly hostile population and surrender its capital city? And then, of course, they'll love us, right? Or as this slogan written on the wall of an abandoned synagogue says: "Yes for freedom! No for Jews! Hamas."

The celebrations were also orchestrated in part by the rival factions within Islamic Jihad, Hamas and Fatah, the mainspring of the Palestinian Authority. Their flags of black, green and yellow were more numerous than the Palestinian flag, and were prominent on abandoned Israeli military outposts and public buildings.

Well, who would've guess that! The terrorist groups are more popular now. To quote Elie Weisel, "I will perhaps be told that when the Palestinians cried at the loss of their homes, few Israelis were moved. That's possible. But how many Israelis rejoiced?" When Israel won the '48 war, how many Israelis tempered their enthusiasm, proclaiming: "We will not rest until all of Jerusalem, Hebron, and Bethlehem is restored to Jewish hands"? And despite not being allowed to the holy sites of Jerusalem until '67, how many blew up Palestinian school buses to get them back? The contrast is just unbelievable. Why these groups continue to pledge more violence immediately following a major concession for peace is beyond me. But what really gets to me is how a people that claim to want peace continue to hold them up as heros.