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Sunday, August 21, 2005

A Really Bad Survey

A friend sent me an online poll called "How Liberal / Conservative Are You?" Some of these kind of polls are interesting, especially if you're surprised by the results. This poll was just terrible. Here's an example:
2. Immigration policies

(a) Should be less strict. Immigrants enhance this country.
(b) Should be more strict. Too many people enter illegally.

First of all, the choices aren't mutually exclusive. I happen to believe both. I agree that immigration laws should be less strict in allowing immigrants into the US. But we should be more strict in enforcing whatever laws we do have. National security requires that we know who is living in the country at any given time.
Here's another idiot question:
4. Public education could be improved by

(a) Having a voucher system
(b) Revoking No Child Left Behind

For the sake of public education, I really hope that there are more options than those. And again, they're not mutually exclusive.
11. It's more important for our country

(a) Reduce the deficit and national debt
(b) To help the poor and helpless

Well, when you put it that way, it seems kind of obvious.

This one's my favorite:
8. Some people have less luck than others

(a) False
(b) True

Tough question, right? The wonderfully unbiased survey is trying to figure out whether you believe that people "deserve" what they "earn". Thus, a = conservative and b = liberal. Something tells me that's not quite accurate.