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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Quoting the Rav

Rav Soloveitchik on how Torah eludes the constraints of time and space:
When I sit down to study, I immediately find myself in the company of the scholars of the Mesorah. The relationship between us is personal. The Rambam is at my right; Rabbenu Tam to my left. Rashi sits at the head and explains, Rabbenu Tam asks, the Rambam codifies and Rabad comments. They are all in my small room, sitting around my table. They look at me with fondness, playful with me regarding the logic and the text, encouraging and strengthening me like a father.

The study of Torah is not simply a didactic act; involvement in the words of Torah is not simply a technical formal matter concretized via the creation and exchange of ideas. It is a powerful experience involving the closeness of many generations, the joining of spirit to spirit and the connection of soul to soul. Those who transmit the Torah and those who receive it meet one another at the same historic juncture.