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Sunday, August 14, 2005

Disengagement Video Game

This is as tasteless as it gets. From Ha'aretz:
The "disengagement game"... puts the player into Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's shoes. Sharon, sitting in a bulldozer, has to remove orange-clad children protesting the pullout... The prime minister has to run into a protesting child with the bulldozer's shovel... Sound effects are a bizarre evil laugh of the horror-movie genre.

The prime minister has a few other tools at his disposal. He can use a club or a kick to disperse the children, or release a herd of pinkish-purple pigs, which puts the pious kids on the run. Sharon's doomsday weapon, after he has collected 75 young protesters, is to "explode" himself from anger, at which point the children fly in every direction. The object of the game is to collect as many points as possible, awarded by the number of children evacuated.

Responding to criticism, the game's creators actually defended themselves: "The disengagement game was selected because of its current-events value and its humor. It was not intended to hurt anyone's feelings or take a political stand." (Are you kidding me?) According to the article, 50,000 people have downloaded the game so far. 50,000 people have decided that the suffering of Gush Katif residents is an appropriate source of humor and entertainment.

Look, I realize this is a loaded political issue with strong advocates on both sides. But regardless of what you think about the Disengagement, you still can't ignore the fact that real people living in Gaza are being kicked out of their homes this week. That's not funny.