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Monday, July 18, 2005

Not Quite Similar

Haaretz's Yoel Marcus makes the following ridiculous comparison:
This week it became clear that there is no essential difference between Islamic Jihad and Israel's nationalist rabbis. Both are out to destroy the State of Israel - one by terror attacks and the other by gnawing away at the democratic foundations of the state.
As I wrote in a comment to Seth's post on the subject "That's like saying there's no difference between Yigal Amir and anybody who voted against Rabin. Both wanted Rabin out of office, they just differed in tactics." Firstly, comparing "nationalist rabbis" with Muslim radicals strikes me as off the mark to begin with. More importantly though, it is absolutely absurd to equate to groups simply because they have a similar end in sight. For the record, I don't believe for a second that the rabbis Marcus refers to are really "out to destroy the State of Israel", at least not in the same way Hamas is. But even if I grant his point about the so-called ultra-nationalists, the comparison fails miserably.