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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

John Stossel on "Art"

This is really funny (via LFB):
In one of his many televised exposes of hype and baloney, LFB author John Stossel embarrassed a modern-art connoisseur who gushed about an allegedly magnificent instance of the genre that turned out to be the random scrawling of a couple novice little girls.

"This is fabulous. The way space is presented, the juxtaposition of line and form, the suggestion of a spirit...a brilliant artwork."

The bald man, in his sharp suit, is a studio artist and has become enamored with an abstract piece on public display. He explains his interpretation to John Stossel and a nearby TV crew.

Stossel grins from beneath his highly amusing moustache and tells the man, "Actually, this picture was made by two 4-year-old girls and some finger paints about an hour ago."

"Well...these are obviously very talented 4-year-olds we're talking about," the man sputtered...