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Saturday, July 09, 2005

The Idiot Award Goes To...

The Rev. Robert Johansson, pastor of the Evangel Church in Long Island City, who was asked "Should religion play any role in the courtroom?" as part of the "Asking The Clergy" section in Saturday's Newsday. He answered:

My answer is absolutely yes because in religion you get the moral absolutes to make decisions, and when you take religion out, it becomes the rule of the masses.... In a recent debate, someone was challenging the place of the Ten Commandments by saying that America was not founded on the Bible or Judeo-Christian values but on English civil law. To some extent, that's true. But where did the civil law come from? It is basically from biblical Judeo-Christian thought.

Yikes, that's a really bad answer. The problem with removing religion, according to the reverend, is that "it becomes the rule of the masses." And since democracy is so terrible, we must keep religion in the courtroom lest "the masses" come to rule themselves! The reverend admits that American law isn't based on the Bible but rather on English civil law. But of course, civil law "is basically from biblical Judeo-Christian thought." Just ridiculous.