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Thursday, June 16, 2005

New Yankee Stadium

Bronx Is Up as Yankees Unveil Stadium Plan

I must say I have mixed feelings. True, Yankee Stadium - "the cathedral of baseball" - can't last forever. But it'll be tough to see the Yankees play somewhere else - even if it is just across the street. I like the idea, though, of paying tribute to the Yankee Stadium of old:
The new stadium will be reminiscent of Yankee Stadium circa 1923, with its limestone-based exterior, arches and grand entrance... The classic rooftop frieze that endured from 1923 until it was destroyed by the 1974-75 renovation will return but will be made of a translucent material, not copper, and a restaurant will be built above a recreated Monument Park behind the batter's eye in the outfield. The field dimensions will remain as they are now, concourses will be wide, and the field will be visible from any snack bar or concession stand.