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Friday, May 27, 2005

Delaying Vote on Bolton

Democrats Extend Debate On Bolton

My thoughts on Bolton aside, I think the Democrats are doing the right thing. From what I’ve seen and read, strikes me as an awful diplomat. What’s particularly interesting is that if you look at the criticism of Bolton, most of it is not about his politics or ideology. True, he’s right-wing but there are more right-wing members of the Bush administration. It’s his approach to diplomacy that is making people nervous and for good reason. About the whole filibuster thing, the compromise earlier in the week demonstrates just how important and effective it is. The purpose of the filibuster is to encourage compromise and it did just that. I heard conservative commentator, Sean Hannity comment about “a small minority of 41 senators” that are “obstructing” a vote on presidential appointees. If it were such a small minority then Senate Republicans would be able to end any filibuster before it starts. But the fact is, as powerful as Republicans are in Congress, there’s still a significant Democratic constituency that deserves to be fought for.